Audio Emoji

Audio Emoji is an exciting new app that allows you to communicate and interact with friends over text message in a totally new way! In the same way the Emoji changed the way we text, Audio Emoji opens up a whole new realm of expression in how you communicate with your friends. Let your friend hear how bad you’ve burned them on a lame comment. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend (or ex for that matter) how you really feel about them. Voice how psyched you are about your buddy’s new job or their botched attempt to pick up that beautiful woman at the bar. Send hilarious Audio Emoji sound bites back and forth for a tennis match that’ll have you and your friends dying of laughter.

Audio Emoji lets you send hilarious sound bites via text message using an easy interface that works on any iOS Device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) with iOS 7.0 or higher. Now you can send over 500 hilarious Audio Emoji sound bites to anyone with a smartphone. You can listen to any of Audio Emoji’s sound bites for free and unlock only the ones you want to send to your friends (or enemies). The beautiful and easy-to-use Retina interface, combined with Audio Emoji’s favoriting system makes it easy to find the perfect retort for any situation, and to keep track of the sounds you love the best. With just a couple taps, you can crack up your friends and toast your enemies in ways they’ll never see coming. When words alone won’t get the job done, let Audio Emoji do your dirty work for you!
•Share Hilarious Audio Emoji Sound Bites via Text Message
•500+ Hilarious and useful Audio Emoji sound bytes to choose from
•Listen to every sound for free, unlock only the Audio Emoji you want to send to your friends (or enemies)
•Keep track of your favorite Unlocked sounds using the App’s favoriting system
•Universal App, Use Audio Emoji on any iOS Device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) with iOS 7.0 or higher
•Tap the Message button on a given Audio Emoji to pop up a text message window, prepopulated with your chosen sound.
•Use the “Copy to Clipboard” button located on every Audio Emoji to copy that Audio Emoji to your clipboard. From there you can paste into any app that lets you paste of movies
•Beautiful and easy to use Retina Interface makes it a breeze to find the perfect sound for any occasion or conversation.
•Send Audio Emoji to anyone who can receive mms text messages (pretty much anyone with a smartphone)*
*message and data rates may apply