Support FAQ

Q. I tried to upgrade or add a content pack to my app and it didn’t work:
A. If you’ve been charged for the pack you’ve bought (check your iTunes receipts emailed to you to confirm) you can try deleting the app from the homescreen, and re-downloading the particular App from the App Store. Then go through the upgrade view and purchase the particular pack/upgrade you bought previously. Assuming the pack is the same as the one purchased previously (and you’re using the same iTunes account) you will not be charged again. Go through the purchasing process and although it looks like you might be charged again, at the very last moment the pop-up alert will say “You’ve already purchased this product would you like to download it again for free?” Say yes, and allow a 4 – 8 seconds for the product to be unlocked . Let us know if you still have issues but this typically fixes 99% of all cases. Once again sorry you’re experiencing this issue and we do appreciate your purchase and upgrade!
Q. I was charged for something that I didn’t want and I need a refund. How do I get a refund.
A. Unfortunately┬áTiny Mobile does not have the authority to issue refunds for in app purchase. But don’t despair, Apple can do it for you without much ado. It’s a fairly simple process which is nicely outlined in this article:
If you’re still not satisfied after the refund request contact us at and we’ll be glad to help you personally!

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