Tiny Mobile Hits a Quarter Million Downloads Through the iTunes App Store!

I’m Very excited to announce that the overall downloads of Tiny Mobile apps have now eclipsed a quarter million!
The most amazing part of the whole story is that we only hit 100,000 about 2 months ago and we sold our first copy of our first app Cash Power in March of 2010. So needless to say things are really picking up momentum as we head into the home stretch of 2011.
Tiny Mobile got it’s first taste of a hit when we released Awesome back in January of 2011 with over 10,000 downloads over the weekend of the January 8th and 9th.
We’ve also been taking our new app promotin’ knowledge and retroactively awesoming up some of our previous apps, and those results have been really promising. One of our apps, Poetry Creator was a total passion project of mine, but unfortunately up until lately had been a complete dog when we looked at our numbers. After a rebrand and some in-app product positioning it’s now our number 3 selling app and is about the same in revenue generation. It feels great to see Poetry Creator finally getting some dap, because let me tell you I put a heck ton of time and energy into that app, and I really do think it is a great app.
There are some other tweaks we’ve done to our app catalog which should be showing up soon starting with the new version of Ace Coin BullDozer. So make sure to always keep your Tiny Mobile apps updated!
In terms of the future we have some really cool apps in the works that totally take advantage of all the super sweet tech Apple has crammed into iOS 5.0, I can’t say too much except that there will be awesomeness-a-plenty to be had by all.
Thanks everyone for downloadin’ and hope you all have a good rest of the summer!
Don’t forget to check out our other great apps which I failed to mention here they are awesome as well:

Nick Iannone
CEO |Tiny Mobile


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