Ace Coin BullDozer v1.1 Released

We just pressed the magic button to release the new version of our smash hit, ‘Ace Coin BullDozer!’

We’re hoping you’ll be downloading it as soon as you finish reading this article, or sooner ;).

Ace Coin BullDozer - Tiny Mobile Inc.


Depending on when you’re reading this we’re offering a buy one, get one free on the following products to celebrate the update:

  • Single Standard Packs
  • Single Rare Packs
  • +100 Xp boost

The big features in the new release are as follows:

  • Get Rare coins for free! Yes you now get rare coins generated while you play or while you’re offline, users really wanted this so we had to give in to the immense pressure.
  • Super cool new store with tons of new products to suit your particular playing style(screens attached below). The new store is an immense improvement over the first store for both the users and for us as admins. We can now offer hourly, daily, weekly or monthly specials and adjust the amount of bonus coins you get with each pack. Andy, one of our software engineers did a very sweet job on the admin side of things and i took care of all the chrome and front end look of the store. Were hoping you enjoy buying from it as much as we enjoyed creating it, well, actually a lot more 😉
  • New Achievements! 4 new achievements to reward our most loyal players (they’re all 100 points each!) -fun fact 100 pts is the highest Apple allows for one achievement.
  • New particle effects for some of the rare coins, check out the cash coins, mystery coins and diamond coins when the drop off the end.
  • Moved the in-game menu and more buttons to a better location.
We’ve also made some minor ui tweaks and bug fixes but that’s pretty boring anyway. So if you’re new to Ace Coin Bulldozer, welcome to the game, as always it’s free to download so there is no reason not to at least check it out. If you’re fans of Coin Dozer, Cookie Dozer, 3d Coin pusher etc we invite you to check out this great game and see how it stacks up. Ace Coin Bulldozer is available on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or higher.
Ace Coin BullDozer - Tiny Mobile Inc.

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